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  • Evan Kohilas

    Evan Kohilas

    Evan is a passionate 4th year Computer Science & Maths, Student and Tutor at the University of New South Wales. He loves tutoring Python to high school students through the National Computer Science Summer School, and the NCSS Challenge, but often find him procrastinating by crashing lectures he's not enrolled in, nomming on subway cookies and chasing bunny rabbits.


Have you ever clicked the *FREE GEMS* button and been served an ad, only to find you're now trialing a game? What are they? Are they running code? If they are, can we hijack them? If we can't, can we bypass, or even replace them? And more importantly, what are they a actually doing? Are you really playing a game? Or are they bitcoin miners in disguise? Come along and join my adventurous curiosity as we learn to man in the middle and reverse engineer these ads and discover what they're really about!