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  • Kathy Reid

    Kathy Reid

    Kathy Reid works at the intersection of open source, emerging technologies and technical communities. She is a former Director of Developer Relations at Mycroft.AI, former President of Linux Australia and former Digital Platforms and Operations Manager at Deakin University. In 2019, she was of 16 people from across the world chosen to undertake a Masters of Applied Cybernetics at the Australian National University's 3A Institute.


Scribus is an open source desktop publishing tool, akin to Publisher or InDesign. It is a powerful, complex application that produces beautiful, professional quality layout designs, suitable for printing or PDFing. Scribus has a steep learning curve, and this can stop people from wanting to learn more about them. In this 100-minute tutorial, we will cover * Document setup, page sizes and margins * Concepts of grouping, alignment and distribution * Layout elements such as images, shapes and layering * Working with text using character and paragraph styles, and a primer on fonts * Colours for printing, and using the colour palette in Scribus * Exporting to PDF and considerations for PDF such as file size reduction Prerequisites: * Ensure that you have Scribus installed on your laptop prior to attending the tutorial Linux Australia: YouTube: