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  • William Brown

    William Brown

    William is a software engineer for SUSE, specialising in identity management, databases and security. His passion is making accessible, usable and open systems that can help people access and interact with technology. He has a strong focus on accessibility and rights in software, and wants to make software that is properly able to respect and represent all people. William is best known for his work with projects like 389 Directory Server, Webauthn-rs and Concread. When not coding, he can be found flipping on mats, dancing on a stick.


Multi Factor Authentication is becoming more important in our infrastructure, with organisations starting to require it for sensitive accounts and more. So why does Multi Factor Authentication ... work? How does human behaviour influence our security and interact with threats that exist online? Come along and learn about human interaction and design, the psychology of how humans interact with systems. We'll extend this into security to understand why human error is really the fault of poor systems design. Finally we'll talk about different threats and how MFA works to protect us from them - at a psychological level. Linux Australia: YouTube: