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  • Thomas Schoebel-Theuer

    Thomas Schoebel-Theuer

    Thomas is an old-school Linux kernel hacker, contributor of the dentry cache. Currently, he is working on the long-distance asynchonous replication MARS, which is in use at 1&1 Ionos for some petabytes of data, spread over thousands of geo-redundant hypervisors.


The talk describes a simple setup of long-distance replication with minimum effort. The new systemd interface of MARS will drastically reduce your effort to make your existing complex solution geo-redundant. Geo-redundancy / mass data replication over long distances is now much easier to manage for sysadmins. Although systemd has some shortcomings and earns some criticism, it can ease your automation of handover / failover when combined with the new unit-file template generator from the long-distance data replication component MARS. It is very flexible, supporting arbitrary application stacks, e.g. virtual machines, containers, and much more. MARS is used by 1&1 IONOS for geo-redundancy of thousands of LXC containers, and on several petabytes of data, with very low cost. Linux Australia: YouTube: