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  • Ruben Rubio Rey

    Ruben Rubio Rey

    Ruben has played a prominent role in several startup software companies, taking them from their early stages to leaders in their respective marketplaces. Ruben has more than 18 years experience working in different roles that requires leadership, strategic thinking and project management. Ruben currently works as CTO of Manageacloud and also helps other companies as a technology consultant. When not among computers, Ruben practices Karate, and he competed in Kyokushin World Championship in 2018.


VPN (Virtual Private Networks) is a prominent technology solution to help consumers and businesses to protect their data and secure their privacy. The VPN market has grown exponentially over the last 10 years. Ironically, customer's privacy does not always comes first for companies in the VPN business. Effective privacy requires real transparency. That's why we are working in a complete Open Source VPN solution called . This solution includes all elements required to run a VPN business: website, automation for all the systems via configuration management systems, and real time monitoring. Due to its open source nature, it is as transparent as you can get and anybody can audit how it works. This task also discusses the major issues that exists in the VPN market. Although most VPN services claim that they do not collect users data, we will discuss what user data needs to be collected to be able to operate a VPN service. Linux Australia: YouTube: