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  • Josh Wulf

    Josh Wulf

    Josh is an open source maintainer and Developer Advocate for the Zeebe project - a coder who writes, teaches, and empowers other coders. He is also the founder of, a platform for teaching kids to code JavaScript in Minecraft. Open Source to the core, he spent ten years at Red Hat, and left when the mission was accomplished: Microsoft went all-in on Linux and Open Source. These days he streams open source coding (including in Minecraft) live on Twitch, fulfilling every teenagers dream, thirty years too late. But living the dream, nonetheless!


Imagine if you could sit down next to each of your users and walk them through using your project. Well, now you can, with video content! The first video you make will be terrible, the hundredth will be terrific. It's just a question of how you get from 1 to 100. I got inspired by people live coding on Twitch, and started doing it myself. I even had my manager add Twitch achievements to my quarterly objectives. In this talk I give an overview of my workflow and the open source tools that I use, like Open Broadcaster Studio (including ones I've written) to live-stream coding tutorials on Twitch. I repurpose Twitch stream videos on YouTube, and embed them in documentation and send links in response to user queries. I leaned in to my teenaged son to get up to speed on Twitch culture, which hardware to get, and how to structure my streaming. I got licenses from two music publishing companies to use their music on my stream, and I'll show you how I did that. I also give an overview of the live streaming landscape, and who the big names in live coding are - from the guy writing a game for the C64 in assembler to the girl writing IoT in JavaScript. I also share some of surprising discoveries that I made about coding and about myself along the way. You can get started with the webcam in your laptop and purely free (as in price) software. I called my channel is called "Alt Super Meta", after I ended up live-coding integrations on the stream while I was streaming it. So, if the organizers give the thumbs up, I'll live stream this talk on Twitch, because that would be super-meta. Linux Australia: YouTube: