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  • Steven Ellis

    Steven Ellis

    Steve's is an Open Source Technology Evangelist in the APAC Office of Technology team at Red Hat. In the last 25+ years he worked as a developer and transitioned to an infrastructure and operations architect across a broad range of Unix and Linux technologies. For most of that period he’s used Open Source technologies to solve business problems, and on many occasions recover lost data. He freely admits that there have been occasions of data loss, and recovery during that career and really hopes some of the session attendees can avoid his past mis-steps. In his spare time he still hacks on the MythTV project and debugs Open Source on random bits of hardware that really should know better.


Container technology is a great enabler for developer agility, and these environments require an agile and dynamic storage platform. Gone are the days where you had to wait on your storage administrator to provision a new LUN or NFS mount for your project. Thanks to the Rook Project, and its ceph storage provider, you can now have a rapid, dynamic and elastic storage footprint for all your development needs. This session will cover - rook basics, dynamic vs static persistent storage needs of workloads, and a demo of using rook-ceph. Linux Australia: YouTube: