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  • Ivan Towlson

    Ivan Towlson

    Ivan Towlson is the maintainer of Visual Studio Code extensions for Kubernetes, Helm and CNAB. He is an engineer at Microsoft focusing on cloud native developer tools and experience, and previously worked on projects from 3D rendering in the cloud to civil engineering software on roadbuilding sites. He lives in New Zealand with a surfeit of cats.


Great command-line developer tools are widely available for the Kubernetes ecosystem, but fabulous visual developer environments are coming along more slowly, hindering uptake among application developers who are new to container orchestration or who prefer visually rich development environments. This session will introduce the free Kubernetes extension for the open-source Visual Studio Code (VS Code) editor, and show you core features that simplify and speed up the Kubernetes developer experience. I’ll also show how you add to the behaviors and views in the VS Code k8s extension and show some extensions built on it, each illustrating a different way to make Kubernetes application development easier, faster, and more effective for your community or team. Linux Australia; YouTube: