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  • Alex Sharp

    Alex Sharp

    Alex is one of the cofounders of OrionVM - A high performance cloud computing startup, using supercomputing technology to provide faster, more efficient cloud. He's also the upstream maintainer for the potsdb OpenTSDB client library and the GELF library for Graylog, and a proud member of the Mars society.

  • Anuj Dhavalikar

    Anuj Dhavalikar

    Anuj likes fiddling with things and tries his best to learn how stuff works. He is currently a student at the University of Sydney majoring in Computer Science and Maths and a Systems Engineer at OrionVM.


Sick of dealing with a networking quirks that randomly break things? Sick of dealing with dependency management for libraries that just won't get along? Sick of worrying about the latest Firefox 0-days? Worry no more . The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed. This talk will run you through an existing implementation of desktop containers using the Xen hypervisor, with comparisons to Docker and LXC. We'll go through what works, how it works, what doesn't work and what the future holds. Linux Australia: YouTube: