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  • Aleksa Sarai

    Aleksa Sarai

    Aleksa Sarai is a core developer and maintainer of runc and umoci, contributor and maintainer of Open Container Initiative specifications, and a Linux kernel contributor. He works on the containers team at SUSE, maintaining various core parts of the lower levels of the containers stack and related software for both SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE; he is also committed to working in the open, and is a strong proponent of Free Software.


Due to the nature of Linux's ABI guarantee, the problem of how to safely extend the functionality of syscalls has been a long-standing one. Several different approaches have been attempted over the decades, but many have had unavoidable downsides that have resulted in the introduction of newer syscalls. However, several recent syscalls have taken an alternative approach to syscall extensibility -- and in this talk we will discuss the trade-offs and possible future extensions available thanks to this newer design. Linux Australia: YouTube: