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  • Curtis Millar

    Curtis Millar

    Curtis has worked at UNSW Sydney since 2016 as a tutor and course administrator teaching courses in introductory programming and security and have been involved in managing the Advanced Operating Systems course in 2019. He has also been working with the Trustworthy Systems Group at Data61, CSIRO since 2018 as a systems and research engineer developing the seL4 microkernel and supporting user-level libraries and tools. Outside of work he also spends time tinkering in programming language theory, Linux system management and software development.


When developing any kind of software your primary constraint is the interface offered by your operating system kernel. The interface is managed and abstracted by the run-time within which your program operates. This talks looks at how operating system and kernel design can affect the design of a language run-time, what features and components are necessary in a run-time to develop software, and how existing design choices in kernel, run-time, and language design affect the ability to write portable software and the future development of programming languages and kernels. Linux Australia: YouTube: