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  • Allan Shone

    Allan Shone

    Allan is a long-time Linux enthusiast and user across many devices and platforms, using Linux variants since some time in the 90s. Whilst his career began with Software Development, it's progressed through various disciplines including security, quality, infrastructure, automation, and systems. Allan's focus has been influenced by his time in various businesses, coming to the realisation that most challenges we all face really aren't technical in nature.


The Google Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) book is a wonderful collection of ideas and practices that ultimately are great if you work at Google. Like most people, however, you do not, so you need a slightly different set of ideas and principles to work by. Within the bounds of a smaller business, how can the principles put forward by the SRE moniker be applied on a much smaller scale? A handful of guiding principles can be taken, for instance, to give you, your team, and your business, a much easier time for achieving your goals. Linux Australia: YouTube: