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  • Alex Sharp

    Alex Sharp

    Alex is one of the cofounders of OrionVM - A high performance cloud computing startup, using supercomputing technology to provide faster, more efficient cloud. He's also the upstream maintainer for the potsdb OpenTSDB client library and the GELF library for Graylog, and a proud member of the Mars society.

  • Andrew Reimers

    Andrew Reimers

    Andrew is a low level software programmer who likes to tinker with hardware design. He is a UNSW computer engineering graduate. Andrew also has bit a passion for security related topics.


QubesOS is a Xen based desktop operating system that is a user friendly frontend to a powerful backend, managing hypervisor backed containers called 'Qubes'. OrionVM is a wholesale cloud infrastructure provider, and it has been using QubesOS to help make its sysadmin easier. This talk is partly an overview of QubesOS and how it works, and partly an overview of how we used it, what we found useful and what still needs to be worked on. Linux Australia: YouTube: