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  • Russell Currey

    Russell Currey

    Russell is a Linux & open source hacker based in Canberra, Australia. He works at IBM OzLabs on various things for the Power platform, including kernel hardening and OpenPower platform continuous integration. He is the founder of the snowpatch project and can most commonly be found complaining, drinking tea and playing RuneScape (still).


The Linux kernel has been around of a long time, and most of the tools that were used in its early development are the same ones most developers are using today. After all, it's pretty simple - you need a text editor and a compiler, an email client to send your changes, and git might be helpful too. Meanwhile, other projects seem to have all these nice things, like: - modern editors *gasp* - type-checked code completions - linters built-in to their editors - easy to use interactive debuggers - a giant matrix of configurations and platforms tested on each commit automatically - many different kinds of test suites In this session I'll show you that the kernel hasn't been left that far behind, and there's lots of awesome tools out there to make working on the kernel easier - whether they're the new hotness or an oft-forgotten gem. Linux Australia: YouTube: