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  • Hasjim 'futaris' Williams

    Hasjim 'futaris' Williams

    Hasjim is a RISC-V Tech enthusiast and long time open source contributor. Hasjim works as a Firmware Engineer in his day job on Coreboot, Tianocore and Linux Device Drivers. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with FPGAs, RISC-V and other projects. He has worked with other open hardware contributors, both in hardware and software.


Most people will want to use an Open ISA processor, in conjunction with some of their own 'special sauce' acceleration, or specialized compute function. This talk aims to run through some of the reasons, open source tools and methods that will help you to accelerate your Open ISA processor. Time and hardware permitting, we will run through a 'hello world' of a Open ISA processor acceleration, by implementing a specialized compute function. Linux Australia: YouTube: