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  • Anton Blanchard

    Anton Blanchard

    Anton has been involved with Linux and Open Source Software for over 20 years, much of that time with IBM. He leads a worldwide team dedicated to using Open Source technologies to build better products. He loves solving difficult problems, making things go faster and building supercomputers. Supercomputers that run POWER Linux of course. He has recently got involved with Open Hardware, and is one of the primary authors of Microwatt, an OpenPOWER soft processor available on github.


Open hardware architectures and cheap FPGAs have allowed software people (like myself) to get involved in hacking CPUs. This talk will take you through the steps of downloading, simulating and synthesising Microwatt, an OpenPOWER core onto an FPGA. It will show just how easy it is to get both Micropython and Zephyr running, and how easy it is to make modifications to the core, such as adding new instructions. During the breaks we will be happy to help anyone get up and running, so if you have a Xilinx Artix 7 or Lattice ECP5 based board, bring it along! Linux Australia: YouTube: