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  • Sara King

    Sara King

    Dr Sara King is an eResearch Analyst with Australia’s academic and research network provider, AARNet. She has extensive experience in engagement and training, with expertise in research data and technologies in the Humanities and Social Science (HASS) research areas. She has been part of the Tinker Virtual Lab (HASS DEVL) since 2018 and prior to eResearch worked for almost a decade at the National Archives of Australia.


As digital collections continue to grow, the appetite to use them in different ways is also growing. However, the speed with which this growth is happening is also leaving some of us behind. There is a skills gap in GLAM and the researchers most likely to make use of these digital collections. At AARNet we are working with our GLAM and HASS colleagues to bridge this gap with training sessions and freely available learning materials made with them in mind. Working with the Carpentries model of teaching foundational computing skills to researchers, we are creating resources that we hope will encourage those with low (or no) computing or data science skills to take the first step. Working alongside Tinker (the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory) we are encouraging new users, such as librarians, to learn how to use Jupyter Notebooks. In this paper I will introduce SWAN, the new environment for Jupyter Notebooks, and the range of training resources and methods being used to help uplift the community's digital dexterity, encouraging curiosity and confidence along the way. Linux Australia: YouTube: