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  • Dan Macpherson

    Dan Macpherson

    Dan is a Senior Principal Technical Writer at Red Hat. He has written enterprise-level documentation for many Red Hat products such as OpenStack Platform, Satellite, CloudForms, and Red Hat Virtualization. He also acts as an upstream contributor to OpenStack documentation and code. His main areas of interest are cloud technologies, automation, and (of course) technical writing.


Automation is here! Robots will soon be doing all our jobs, right? The only option technical writers have left is to panic and run for hills before our robot masters enslave us all, right? Relax. There is no cause for alarm. This presentation will look at automation for technical writers and why technical writers should embrace the wonderful world of automation. This presentation will discuss: - The role of a technical writer in the world of automation and why the role is essentially safe (though might change in some respects) - Advice on how technical writers can embrace automation when developing documentation You'll walk away from this presentation with a new-found respect for automation and a desire to fist-bump the nearest robot! Linux Australia: YouTube: