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  • Nicola Nye

    Nicola Nye

    Nicola serves as Fastmail's Chief of Staff, providing executive-level oversight for cross-functional teams and projects. Her professional background spans the full range of technical experience: she has been a programmer, project manager, technical writer, tester, support manager and an open source community manager. Nicola is passionate about literacy for all ages and works part time at her kids' school library, and is generally terribly enthusiastic about words. One day she will transform into a ninja-pirate-unicorn-superhero but that day has not yet come.


Even if you have the best content in the world, a bad information architecture (IA) leaves users feeling frustrated and confused. A good information architecture reduces support load, increases user empowerment and can even drive sales. But what is information architecture? How do you get from bad to good? This session will explain the basics of information architecture, but then move onto a practical workshop where participants will explore some of the tools of IA: content inventory, card sorting, taxonomies, and user testing. Given an example help site, you'll get to pull it apart and put it back together again, bigger and better, using your brand new IA skills. We'll finish with a review and a set of resources for you to take your information architecture skills further.