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  • Andrew Pam

    Andrew Pam

    Andrew is the past president and current treasurer of Linux Users of Victoria. He has worked with hypertext pioneer Ted Nelson since the 1980s. He has contributed to the Linux kernel, sendmail and other free and open source projects, participated in IETF and W3C working groups and Internet Governance forums and was an active member of the hypermedia academic community in the 2000s. Andrew was a board member of Electronic Frontiers Australia for over a decade, is an active advocate of Free and Open Source software and digital civil rights and is also interested in computer-mediated communications, digital information preservation, media and culture. He is a member of the Open Invention Network and currently works as a Perl and Python software developer for Infoxchange, a non-profit that provides IT services to other Australian and New Zealand non-profit organisations. Andrew and his partner Dr. Katherine Phelps ran an animation fan club for many years. Andrew is a supporter and render server provider for Terry Hancock's "Lunatics!" FOSS animated TV series project.


Film Freedom is a documentation and development project to make filmmaking with free-software and releasing via free culture funding models more accessible. It currently includes the following development projects: KitCAT: the Kit for Creative Arts Teamwork, is a virtual studio system and client which connects the TACTIC studio DAMS and Project Management suite to popular filmmaking and creative software packages. Lib-Ray is a project to create an alternative to DVD and Blu-Ray for fixed-format releases, using only free-licensed software and open formats, without encryption or region-coding. Lunatics! is an original animated science-fiction story about the first permanent settlers on the Moon. This is an independent, free-culture, open-movie production, made with open-source software, especially Blender. Regular updates and support are through Patreon. Linux Australia: YouTube: