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    Gaurav Nelson

    Gaurav converts technical jargon into excellent content. He is a technical writer who transitioned from working as a software developer. He understands the ins and outs of everything documentation and specializes in technical writing, editing, content strategy, and DocOps. Gaurav has been writing software documentation for over eleven years now. He started his career with writing documentation for Microsoft and then worked for organizations, both big and small, including Red Hat, HP, and CoreLogic. He is an open-source believer and often shares his expertise by creating software tools for writers, articles, blog posts, and presentations.


Dealing with Git often becomes problematic for us writers. Although some writers excel at handling Git commands and its nuances, many writers struggle to deal with them. In this presentation, I am sharing some techniques I have seen people (developers and writers) use. These tricks are easy to use, and writers can quickly adapt them to their writing workflow. This presentation isn't about learning git basics or understanding git commands, but rather, using aliases and bash functions to handle typical Git workflow commands we use daily. Using aliases and bash functions, allow you to map easy English terms for the Git commands you use every day. For example, to create a new branch, you can run the command `git newbranch <branch-name>` instead of `git checkout -b <branch-name>`. Which is more logical and saves you from remembering the actual command. This example is a simple operation, you can also use these techniques handle complex tasks, such as downloading someone else's pull request (or merge request) for review. Linux Australia: YouTube: TBD:</branch-name></branch-name>