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  • Arun Raghavan

    Arun Raghavan

    Arun is a maintainer of the PulseAudio audio server and a developer of the GStreamer multimedia framework. He enjoys work on low-level systems plumbing and working across various layers of the software stack. He loves his types and will try to get you to write Haskell or Rust if you let him.


GStreamer is flexible a multimedia framework used to build various different sorts of systems that deal with audio and video. One aspect of the framework is the infrastructure for implementing synchronised media playback across devices. This finds use in various scenarios ranging from video walls to synchronised media displays to multiroom audio systems. This talk will explore the GstSyncServer library, which provides a flexible, high-level API for building such systems. This will include examples of how it could be used, the design of the API, how it may be used to implement custom synchronisation mechanisms, and areas where contributors could get involved. Linux Australia: YouTube: