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  • Inga Pflaumer

    Inga Pflaumer

    A web-developer, indie game developer, VP of Muses Code JS, organiser of Women In Game Development Sydney meetup group, Sydney Unity GameDev meetup group and Get That Game Done group. Finalist of YOW! Women in Tech Competition 2017. A mentor for Muses Code JS and Women Who Code.


A year ago in my free time, I started a remote study group for female junior developers, focusing on creating a game using Node.js, React, Redux and Electron. This year, three of the participants found jobs in the industry, and the project continues to grow. How do you motivate junior developers to work in a non-profit study project? What are the main issues for them, and how to address those? How do you inspire people to learn, let them experiment and try new things, but at the same time deliver results and move the project forward? And to do all of this with an all-remote team? Linux Australia: YouTube: