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  • Alec Clews

    Alec Clews

    Alec is an IT geek who currently works as the integration manager at PaperCut Software in Melbourne. He uses many Free software tools to create and manage developer API resources for people around the world. He started using Linux 0.98p17 from three floppy disk images downloaded from Compuserve in the early '90s


This talk presents a short introduction to "Docs As Code" as an approach for developers to create and manage project documentation. The majority of the talk is dedicated to showing a small demonstration project that provides a practical overview of how Docs-As-Code can work. At the end of the talk attendees will have some practical suggestions on how they might implement Docs-As-Code on their own projects. Tools discussed include: * Sphinx * GitLab CI/CD Pipeline (and other GitLab features) * Docker * GNU Make * Various text linting tools * Pandoc Linux Australia: YouTube: