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  • Sae Ra Germaine

    Sae Ra Germaine

    A self-confessed techie, Sae Ra is also much more. She is a strong advocate for IT and Open Source in the Library industry. Sae Ra is currently serving as Director on the boards of Internet Australia and Linux Australia and is also on several advisory groups driving change towards Open Source. Sae Ra advocates for all things technological in the world of libraries. She is surrounded by books (literally) in a world that desperately needs move into the digital space. Libraries have a huge role to play in IT, and Sae Ra is determined to help them make the most of it. Sae Ra has also been on the core team for Ballarat LCA 2012, Geelong LCA 2016 and was a core organiser of the OpenGLAM miniconf in Sydney 2018

  • Hugh Rundle

    Hugh Rundle

    Hugh is a dilettante coder (nodejs, Python), amateur sysadmin, and qualified librarian. After a many years working in public libraries in various roles including library management systems and IT, he joined the academic library cooperative CAVAL in 2018. Hugh co-founded the GLAM worker network newCardigan, has served on the VALA committee.


GLAM and cultural are great at making APIs accessible. But are they consistent between institutions? These institutions are great at creating rules but maybe it's time we need to create some with how APIs are created. This is a workshop to come up with some recommended standards for API creation. Linux Australia: YouTube: