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  • Alistair Francis

    Alistair Francis

    Alistair is an engineer working in Western Digital's R&D department he is focused on QEMU and open source RISC-V enablement. He has previous industry experience working in embedded devices, focused on business facing SoC design and software stacks. As a QEMU maintainer he is interested in improving QEMU's support for RISC-V. Alistair also contributes to the OpenEmbedded/Yocto ecosystem, buildroot, OpenSBI, Linux, U-Boot, glibc and other open source projects.

  • Hugh Blemings

    Hugh Blemings

    Hugh has had a long standing association with Free and Open Source Software, Open Hardware and, in particular, Linux and POWER/PowerPC. His career has spanned everything from Linux kernel development to engineering team management, electronics design to product management at the likes of IBM, Canonical and Rackspace. A long time participant in the free technical commons, he has previously served in a voluntary capacity on the Council of Linux Australia in various roles including President and is a former member of the Linux Foundation's Technical Advisory Board. In his current role of Executive Director of the OpenPOWER Foundation, Hugh works full time with the Board of the Foundation to build the OpenPOWER User community and associated ecosystem, increase the visibility of OpenPOWER Members and their solutions as well as the Foundation itself and grow Foundation membership and engagement.


Alistair Francis and Hugh Blemings will start the day with a quick introduction to the OpenISAs that are being discussed during the day. This will include a high level introduction to the RISC-V ISA and the OpenPOWER ISA. This will be a quick high level overview to ensure that everyone understands what is being discussed during the day. Linux Australia: YouTube: