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  • Sreejith Anujan

    Sreejith Anujan

    Sreejith is a cloud technology professional with more than 12 years of experience in on-premise and public cloud providers. An opensource evangelist and an expert in advocating the requirements of automation and containerization technologies on hybrid cloud environments to enterprise customers to help them achieve better ROI and meet business demands. Sreejith currently works for Red Hat, as a Lead Technical Instructor and his primary responsibility is to design and deliver custom & tailored technology training and workshops to Red Hat's strategic customers across APAC, ANZ and APJ.


Breaking down a monolithic application into atomic services offers various benefits, including better agility, better scalability and better ability to reuse services. However, microservices also have particular security needs - Traffic encryption to defend against man-in-the-middle attack. Fine grained access control and mutual TLS. Auditing tools to identity who did what at what time! Istio addresses the security challenges developers and operators face in a distributed microservice architecture. Istio provides strong identity, powerful policy, transparent TLS encryption, and authentication, authorization and audit (AAA) tools to protect your microservices and data. In this hands on tutorial session, attendees will 1) Understand the high level architecture of Istio 2) Custom policy enforcement to limit traffic to a service 3) Service Traffic encryption using Mutual TLS Takeaway: Learn how Istio enforces security features to mitigate insider and external threats against your data, endpoints, communication and platform , wherever you run your microservices. Pre-requisites: Intermediate understanding of container technology and microservices architecture. BYOD with a modern browser and an internet connection to access cloud based labs. Linux Australia: YouTube: