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  • Donna Benjamin

    Donna Benjamin

    Donna Benjamin is a passionate advocate of Free and Open Source Software. For the past two decades, Donna has been the glue for many successful organisations, teams, and individuals. Her volunteer work has been instrumental in helping open source organisations to upsize (and sometimes downsize) as they mature with their communities. Her work is valued by companies of all sizes (from the micro to enterprise). Donna facilitates success. She is a recipient of the Rusty Wrench Award in recognition of her contributions, and currently works with Red Hat as an Engagement Lead, in the Open Innovation Labs, but also runs her own business, Creative Contingencies.


Who is watching? Why are they watching? and why does that matter? As members of the global free and open source software community we're all secret agents in a mission to change the future. Tragedy is, some of us don't even realise this is true, or that the future is already here. We're up against the powerful forces of distraction, disinformation, fatalism and apathy. We need to rally. we need to defend, and we need to act. Donna will re-introduce some old ideas we can all embrace to arm and protect ourselves, and empower each and every one of us to take back our power, and take action steps into the future. Linux Australia: YouTube: