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  • Angus Lees

    Angus Lees

    Angus has done many things with computers, all of it revolving around Linux and Free Software. He has taught Linux classes at TAFE. He has driven through the Great Sandy Desert to install Linux 2-way satellite routers on poles. He set up PPP on rms' laptop. He was search-oncall during Google's 2nd(?) biggest websearch outage. He uploaded one of the first native apps to the Android marketplace (ScummVM). He packaged the Rust toolchain for Debian (with others). His home was the first place in the world to receive a AAAA response from He was interviewed by Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne as preparation for the first Matrix movie. While working on OpenStack, Angus accidentally became one of the earlier upstream Kubernetes contributors. He currently works full time on Kubernetes and related products as a Principal Engineer at Amazon.

  • Katie McLaughlin

    Katie McLaughlin

    Katie has worn many different hats over the years. She is currently a Cloud Developer Advocate at Google, a Director of the Python Software Foundation, and was conference director of PyCon AU 2018 and 2019. When she's not changing the world, she enjoys making tapestries, cooking, and seeing just how well various application stacks handle emoji.


Introduction to the Containers Miniconf 2020.