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  • Joe Robinson

    Joe Robinson

    I'm a Technical writer with a lot of creative skill, and experience in Open Source Software. Apart from creativity, psychology is a significant influence. My Technical Writing Career started in 2014 when I began work at Rackspace, writing and editing for a large-scale open source project. OpenStack is an alternative to proprietary products like Amazon Web Service. I learned the value of maintaining open source projects as a team. It is important to have Free and Open technology for users to experiment with and use in their day-to-day development. Having worked on private software for the past year, I understand this value more than in previous years. I would like to continue working on open source in the future. Before Rackspace, I worked for a not-for-profit, writing grants and completing business administration. Outside of work, I am an avid reader, and cinema-goer, and I enjoy sculpture with polymer clay.


Tech writer management offers its own challenges. With stories from recent interviews in the field, I'll identify some fundamental skills for new managers, or managers looking for a refresh of their knowledge. I'll talk about psychology with reference to the role of schemas. I'll talk about the role enthusiasm plays, as well as language and listening. This talk largely follows my own career pathway, which I use as an example of how schemas work in the field. Linux Australia: YouTube: