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  • Dave Kempe

    Dave Kempe

    Dave founded Open Source IT services company Sol1 in 1999. Day to day along with running a thriving IT services company, he builds Open Source infrastructure solutions for customers both large and small. With plenty of war stories to share and experience to give, he is keen to offer some advice and knowledge to new users and veterans alike.

  • Oliver Lowe

    Oliver Lowe


We will provide a working lab for Icinga, Icinga Director, Netbox, Ansible and Grafana, to allow you to document, manage and monitor datacentre infrastructure at scale. These components provide a platform that you can document infrastructure, and have it automatically monitored. This lab will be useful for anyone who cares about physical servers, switches, routers etc, and wants to have a better way to manage their lifecycle. It will be pretty fast paced and assume you have some Linux system administration knowledge. You will need a laptop capable of running virtualbox with spare 4G of ram, and 10G of diskspace. You can follow along without a laptop, as we will walk through the various components and show how they work together. Linux Australia: YouTube: