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  • Nicola Nye

    Nicola Nye

    Nicola serves as Fastmail's Chief of Staff, providing executive-level oversight for cross-functional teams and projects. Her professional background spans the full range of technical experience: she has been a programmer, project manager, technical writer, tester, support manager and an open source community manager. Nicola is passionate about literacy for all ages and works part time at her kids' school library, and is generally terribly enthusiastic about words. One day she will transform into a ninja-pirate-unicorn-superhero but that day has not yet come.


When will your personal data be hacked, leaked or compromised? If you think it already hasn't happened to you, think again. What about your parent's data? Your children's data? We are increasingly inhabiting a digital world, scattering electronic footprints in databases near and far. We, as technologists, have a responsibility to ensure that our products are using that data for good. Treating the humans and communities we serve with respect. Behaving ethically both individually and collectively in the companies and teams we work in. There are those who would have you believe that ethics and capitalism cannot coexist, that businesses are only rewarded if they put profit first and customers last. I refuse to accept this is true. This talk provides an introduction to what it even means to even 'be ethical', how doing so can benefit your bottom line, and explore some practical tips to build your ethical muscles so we can build the kind of future we want to have, that our children deserve to have. Linux Australia: YouTube: