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  • Paul Wayper

    Paul Wayper

    Paul is an open source enthusiast with a passion for collecting esoteric hobbies. In his job as a mild-mannered software engineer for Red Hat, he works on Insights to help the world's support engineers get their time back by getting the computers to read the FAQ themselves. At night and on weekends he builds electric motorbikes, turns wood, dances, plays computer games, composes music, and tries to stop bypasses from being driven through his home.


It's great to live in an era of self-documenting APIs, easy-to-read markup, good documentation and limitless bandwidth and memory. However, a lot of systems don't have those luxuries. Projects as diverse as SaMBa and Nouveau have relied on decoding and inferring meaning from binary data output from closed systems with no documentation. For my own part, I wanted to read the battery status from my electric motorbike ( The 'normal' way to do this is via a USB connection and a Windows program, but this is inconvenient when you don't run Windows and definitely much harder to do when actually riding the motorbike! So I wanted a way to read and record the cell voltages and overall pack status, and even link that to GPS information so I could see how fast I was going and how much power I was drawing for a ride. This talk will include actual data, Raspberry Pis, Grafana, serial connections, Python, InfluxDB, GPS modules and Perl - not necessarily in that order. Linux Australia: YouTube: