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  • Feilong Wang

    Feilong Wang

    Feilong Wang is the head of R&D at Catalyst Cloud and the project technical lead for OpenStack Magnum (the service that deploys and manages Kubernetes clusters). He is passionate about open source software, cloud computing, and always eager to share lessons learned from real-world experience.


Having recently gone through the experience of building, implementing and running a Kubernetes platform service in its public cloud, Catalyst Cloud has some interesting experiences and war stories to share about the journey. One of the most in-demand for a Kubernetes service's features is monitoring of the cluster’s health and ability of the orchestrator to deal with unhealthy instances and triggering replacements when needed, maximizing the cluster’s efficiency and performance. This presentation and demo are targeted for anybody interested in having closed-loop automation for self-healing and maintenance in a Kuberntes cluster. Attendees will learn how this can be achieved with zero downtime for the user's application. And there are some good tips will be shared about how to run auto scaling, rolling upgrade and auto healing for Kubernetes cluster. Linux Australia: YouTube: