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  • Julia Topliss

    Julia Topliss

    Julia launched her first web development in 1995. Her career as a web developer started with managing the Canberra School of Art website and creating the first Institute of the Arts website in 1996. Now with over 24 years business experience, Julia’s primary role in her business, Web Prophets, is Business Development and Project Management. Julia brings extensive knowledge of web systems and capabilities with a keen focus on delivering workable user-friendly solutions.

  • Dave Hall

    Dave Hall

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2019 was UNESCOs International Year of Indigenous Languages. 2019 was also the year that the Victorian Corporation for Aboriginal Language (VACL) launched "Limba", their platform for language preservation and education for use across Victoria, Australia. The Limba project is a partnership between VACL, the digital agency Web Prophets and social justice consultancy Lirata. The three organisations have pooled their skills and knowledge to build the platform. Limba is a language library, a showcase of knowledge and community collaboration platform. It is built with the CMS, Drupal 8 which is built on a LAMP/LEMP stack. The platform will be released as an open source project providing access to communities throughout Australia and worldwide to build their own Heritage Cultural and Language Libraries. Limba is at the centre of a long term strategy for VACL. The organisation is using the platform to better connect indigenous language projects across the state of Victoria. Instead of being based in a central office in Melbourne, the organisation is now distributed. Limba and other online tools empower this new approach. Limba provides a 21st century platform for the oldest living culture oral traditions of language, knowledge systems, ceremony (song and dance) and enhancing cultural heritage. Limba has the potential to strengthen kinship ties and community. A VACL representative will introduce the Limba platform. They will provide the historic and cultural context for the project before discussing the importance of language and Limba for Aboriginal communities in Victoria and will outline some of the ways local language groups are using the Limba platform. Julia Topliss, Director of Web Prophets, will explain why Drupal was chosen for this project and provide some insight into the value added by using Drupal, while also touching on some of the challenges we had to overcome. Dave Hall, Drupal Lead at Web Prophets, will discuss the architecture of the platform and the journey to open sourcing Limba. By the end of the session attendees will have an insight into why it has taken 65 000 years for Limba to be developed.