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  • Shervin Emami

    Shervin Emami

    Shervin Emami is a senior embedded Linux engineer, senior computer vision developer, senior robotics engineer, and general technology expert (digital electronics, computer hardware, graphics programming, system design, quadcopter drones, hardware accelerated AI), with a passion for developing technology that actually benefits humanity and/or nature. Especially hoping to help people in need such as in the 3rd World or people with disabilities. Currently working on the world's best automotive eye tracking system, to be installed in cars, trucks and future self-driving cars.


Humans are extremely fast at using a keyboard and mouse on a desk, but all 3 of these have bad long-term health risks. Are there any OTHER ways of using a desktop PC? What if you use Linux instead of the more common OSes? What if you're a hardcore full-time Linux programmer and therefore need a lot of functionality and customisation, and you need enough speed and reliability to use it long term? This talk will show some examples of how these are all possible. I'm a full-time Linux computer programmer that doesn't use my keyboard or mouse. Note that I said it's possible, but I didn't say it's easy! I'll show demos of speech recognition (for dictation, programming, and mouse control), head tracking & eye tracking mouse, foot pedals, handheld switches, RFID password entry, LED status, and forced regular breaks using Bluetooth proximity detection to make sure you actually step away from the computer regularly. Linux Australia: YouTube: