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  • Josh Bassett

    Josh Bassett

    Josh is a coder, hardware hacker, and electronic music artist. He spent his childhood pulling apart his toys to figure out how they worked. Eventually, he figured out how to put them back together again. He is a senior app engineer at The Conversation Media Group, and enjoys writing music and hacking on electronics in his spare time.


If you were a kid during the 70s, 80s, or 90s, the chances are you spent time (and money) in your local video arcade playing games. Later, the rise of home video game consoles sadly brought an end to the golden era of video arcades – the rows of machines crafted out of plywood and vintage electronics, abandoned for the quiet comfort of our living rooms. Not only did we lose the visceral experience of the video arcades, but we also lost our appreciation for the engineering wizardry that went into building these great machines. In this talk, Josh takes a look at the hardware engineering behind one of his favourite games of the 1980s, and shows you how to build an emulator to preserve a little piece of gaming history. Linux Australia: YouTube: