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  • Nathaniel McCallum

    Nathaniel McCallum

    Nathaniel McCallum is a Sr. Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat where he works on security and cryptography technologies. This has includes projects such as MIT Kerberos, FreeIPA, FreeOTP, Clevis, Tang. Nathaniel is currently the architectural lead on the Enarx project.


So you have some code you want to run in the cloud. But it has sensitive algorithms and data. Negotiating private computing resources isolated from the rest of the cloud is expensive and time consuming; it also isn't very elastic. So what is an application developer to do? This talk will summarize the ongoing development of the Enarx open-source project, sponsored by Red Hat. Rust uses the hardware isolation provided by Trusted Execution Environements (TEEs) to provide deployment time attestation, privacy and tamper protection at deployment time. Our long-term goal is to enable you to write your application using existing tooling but choose your execution target dynamically at deployment time. This talk will include a demonstration of our current capabilities and a roadmap for future development.