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  • Opal Symes

    Opal Symes

    Opal is a Python developer with a background in building websites and online services. She uses her spare time to write Rust and Python libraries for interfacing with embroidery machines and banking APIs. When she's not programming, she also enjoys sewing and cooking.


How do you sign up to a website, if you don't have a first name? Or a name that doesn't fit in 30 characters? How are you supposed to buy an airline ticket if the gender on your passport isn't available on the dropdown? I will cover how to build forms so that they can handle these stress cases. By asking the right questions, in the right way, and supporting the full range of answers; we can build forms that collect the required information without excluding users. I will explore these forms through a series of real-world scenarios. I'll discuss the needs of the application, how to collect the right information, store it, and display it. I will also cover how to protect vulnerable users and their privacy by noting what information should not be readily available. Linux Australia: YouTube: