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  • Daniel Vetter

    Daniel Vetter

    Daniel Vetter is the co-maintainer of the upstream graphics subsystem, and has been maintaining the Intel graphics driver before that for a few years. Besides all the technical challenges he spent a lot of time on improving how the contributors collaborate and how the community is organized. He is working at the Intel Open Source Graphics Center.


About 10 years ago the first kernel modesetting drivers landed in upstream, with promise that this will usher in a new era in GPU drivers: Multi-application rendering, new compositors and maybe even working suspend/resume support. Then years later it is time to take stock and see were we are. Spoiler: Things are really, really good! Come and hear about the story of a community that grew massively: A subsystem with drivers spanning from the tiniest with less than a thousand lines to the largest with over 2 million. About how to create some really good shader compilers. And everything in between. Plus a few attempts at explaining how this success was possible. Linux Australia: YouTube: