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  • Andrew Jeddeloh

    Andrew Jeddeloh

    Andrew is a Fedora CoreOS developer who works on Ignition, the Fedora CoreOS config Transpiler, and much of the bootloader configuration. He also helps maintain Container Linux (formerly called CoreOS).


This talk is a deep dive into the Fedora CoreOS boot process and how it differs from most traditional Linux distributions. It gives a brief overview of Fedora CoreOS, ostree and Ignition, then dives into the boot process from firmware loading the bootloader up to a running system. It covers how ostree is used for atomic updates and how Ignition is used for configuration on both cloud and bare metal environments. It also discusses the default disk layout and how that enables combined BIOS+UEFI disk images, how Ignition can be used to change it, and the limitations of this approach. Finally it discusses the future plans with regard to bootloading.