Maciej has been into computer architectures since mid 1980s and worked with a number of them, such as Zilog Z80, Intel 8080 and x86, DEC Alpha and VAX, and ARM, MIPS, Power and RISC-V microprocessors, both in stand-alone and embedded computer systems. He has been involved with the Linux kernel since mid 1990s and has made numerous contributions to its various parts, mostly x86 and MIPS platform code and several drivers. His struggle with getting a modern version of the GNU C library running on a MIPS/Linux system has led to his involvement with the GNU toolchain since 2000. He has made many contributions to GCC, GNU binutils, GNU libc and GDB, and worked with various software and hardware teams on developing microprocessor instruction sets, software ABIs and hardware debug solutions. For several years he was also a MIPS port maintainer for GNU binutils and GDB. Ever since he discovered Linux and GNU Maciej has always been a strong supporter of the free software movement. Maciej is currently helping Western Digital with their RISC-V effort.


Maciej W. Rozycki