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Linux Conf Au 2020

This wiki is for the dissemination of information that attendees find useful, please feel free to add at will.

About the Conference

We recommend you take a look at Simon Lyall's (Unofficial) Guide.


During summer, the South East Queensland region (encompassing The Gold Coast and Brisbane areas) enjoys hot (30℃ / 86℉) humid (75%) days with bright sun and lots of UV (frequently above the extreme level of ten). In the early evening it is common for powerful, energetic, thunder storms to dump enough rain to cause local flooding. Large, dangerous hail (golf ball sized and up) is not uncommon. After the cool relief of the storm, the hot sticky weather of the day quickly returns, so enjoy the storms if you're lucky enough to see them, but stay safely inside.

Bureau of Meteorology Gold Coast forecast

Bom rain radar, Southport is the closest position labelled.

Protect your skin from UV when it is above three: APANSA UV tracker Wear sunglasses, a hat, cover your skin, use sunscreen.

You may have seen reports about smoke-affected cities in Australia. Gold Coast is not smoke-affected. Map of Australian air quality

Water Safety

This year lca is a short walk to a world famous beach. Enjoy it. Don't drown in it. If you want to go swimming, do so sober, not at night time, and only when life guards are on duty.

For international visitors who might not be familiar with the concept of a "Rip Current" - have a look at This is why you should always always always swim between the flags!

Local Transport

The Gold Coast is long and thin and doesn't have a single CBD so sometimes getting around on public transport and driving can be heavy (but traffic is really nothing compared to capital cities). Once you get the hang of public transport it's actually pretty good and we are very lucky that the conference venue is right on the light rail line and near to a lot of bus routes. Hard-copy maps of Gold Coast public transport routes are available from rego or the kiosk at Broadbeach South station.

Buy a Go-Card to travel on the G:Link tram, buses and trains anywhere in South East Queensland; you can buy them from the ticket machines on platforms, at Train Stations and at convenience stores. There is a deposit on the card but you can return it for your money back when you leave. A tool for locating top up and refund providers can be found here. You can buy a paper ticket onboard buses or at rail stations but it's not good value and not recommended. Do *NOT* travel without a ticket, ticket inspectors are common and fines are very high. They will sometimes go easy on you on a first offense, but after that there are no excuses. Holders of Australian Seniors or pension cards are entitled to purchase a discounted Go-Card, even if their concession card is issued outside of Queensland.

LCA will be providing a 5-day Go Card to Professional and Speaker attendees. This covers the whole Translink network *excluding* the Brisbane Airtrain.

Getting to and from Airport and City

Light Rail (G:link)

Gold Coast Light Rail (or G:link) runs from Broadbeach north through Surfers, Southport & Parklands to Helensvale where it joins with the Heavy Rail line (that runs from Varsity Lakes -> Brisbane Airport). The G:Link is by far one of the best and efficient forms of public transport on the Coast and is reasonably priced (and kids often ride free).

There's an app for your phone that will give you very accurate locations of the trams, but you will find most of the time they are running every 10 mins and they are generally very reliable. Unfortunately you can't take bikes on the tram (unless they are fold up), but can take scooters and they even have surf-board racks!

G:link website with map


Gold Coast buses are great, however a lot of Gold Coasters are terrible at using them though and love their cars - so don't always expect good local bus knowledge if you ask for help!

The main buses in and out of Broadbeach you might come across are 777 (from Airport via Burleigh), 750 (from Robina via Varsity lakes and Pac Fair), 745 (from Nerang station via Carara) and the 700 (Broadbeach right down south to Tweed Heads). Translink website is excellent and easy to find info on bus timetables and any other public transport.

If you are heading North from Broadbeach then the tram is best.

Ride Sharing & Taxis

Gold Coast has a number of ride-sharing services and it's usually pretty easy to get a ride. Uber has been here the longest and you can get them from the airport as they pay the airport tax. Shebah is a women-and-kids only rideshare service. Newer arrivals are Ola and Didi, you'll notice a lot of drivers will ask you to book on Didi in future as they get a much bigger percentage of the fare, but just use what you are comfortable with.

There are still plenty of Taxis around on the coast and you will usually see a rank nearby and there is a busy one at convention centre - fares are much more reasonable with the competition provided by Uber etc. is the main one and you can book on their website or app or just phone them on 131008


  • Walk - it's easy to get around. Just remember to slip, slop and slap
  • Scooters - sadly we don't have Lime Scooters on the Gold Coast as it's continually blocked by our council. There are plenty of places you can hire motorized scooters though.
  • Bikes - we also recently lost the MoBike bike share service on Gold Coast (see but there are plenty of places you can hire bikes. Gold Coast is a very ride-able city


It's pretty easy to drive around the Gold Coast - and it's default transport for a lot of people. Just leave yourself plenty of time especially if you are on the Motorway. Parking is sometimes the biggest pain - don't park illegally unless you want a hefty ticket, the Gold Coast City Council are very strict. We also have our fair share of speed cameras and fines are heavy so watch your speed (there is a particularly lucrative speed camera right on Gold Coast Highway by the Convention that the author of this text has been caught at before!)


Hop on and hop off with the Gold Coast’s ferry service, Hopo. Great if you want to get out on the Broadwater. Leaves from Surfers Paradise, and also stops in HOTA, Marina Mirage, Broadwater Parklands and Sea World.

Medical Resources

The following are not recommendations, merely links to nearby resources

Mental Health

An LA/LCA/BlueHackers funded psychologist will be available during Wednesday and Thursday, providing a free service for conference attendees.

  • You can book anonymously to talk with someone: find the BlueHackers sign near the rego desk, and grab one of the stickynotes with a time slot from the stickynote calendar!
  • If you've been hesitant about talking with a professional, this is your chance to move things forward.
  • There are about 10 time slots available. Grab one and use it!
  • Room TBA, we'll mark it on the BlueHackers sign/calendar.

See also other Australian online/phone resources

Australian emergency number

The Australian emergency number is 000 for ambulance, fire and police.

Doctor/General Practitioner

Broadbeach Family Practice
Oasis Shopping Centre, 54/26 Victoria Ave, Broadbeach QLD 4218, short walk from the venue


There are quite a few hospitals in the vicinity, ring triple zero in a life threatening situation, the ambulance will choose the most appropriate hospital.

Pharmacy/Chemist/Drug Store

Broadbeach Day and Night Chemist, 8am-10pm, 3-5/2723 Gold Coast Hwy, Broadbeach QLD 4218, across the road from the venue

Blood Bank

Southport Donor Centre: 59-61, Ferry Rd, Southport, Qld, 4215, half hour tram trip

General Information for Attendees


Most places on the Gold Coast will have free Wifi. If you are entering the country and want to buy a SIM, it is normally easiest to get a prepaid sim. There are many carriers, and all will have roughly equivalent cost, but expect to pay roughly $30 for 30gb.

Note that you can call 112 or 000 from any phone, even if it does not have a SIM that is usable in Australia, to connect to emergency services.

Free VoIP will be available for delegates, if wanted.


Information about official conference events: Events


  • Kids Club and Childcare - Childcare is available for kids aged 0 - 2 years. The Kids Club provides activities for kids aged 3 and older.
  • Coding Club - Information about the LCA Coding Club - running Tuesday January 14th.


Join the `` channel on Freenode. A common server to connect to is ``.

Please try to configure your client such that it doesn't spam the channel with away messages or nick changes. Also, please consider using a nickname that lets people identify you, and/or set your real name (in your client), if you are comfortable with that.

IRC Clients

There are too many clients to mention over IRC's long history, but here are a few that are installable on your favourite Linux distro:

Electronics/Computer stores

Best places to buy computer parts at reasonable cost on Gold Coast are (in Southport - not far from Tram Line) and (at Varsity Lakes). Other than that there are plenty of places like JBHifi in Pacific Fair at Broadbeach which should cover most of your needs. Nearest Jaycar (if you have a desperate need for components) is located at Mermaid Beach just down the Gold Coast highway from the conference venue.

Birds of a Feather (BoF) Sessions

Other pages