Coding Club

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Coding Club

The following is some more information about what coding clubs are available at LCA 2020. ​

Coding Clubs Scheduled

Magikcraft Tuesday


On Tuesday, January 14th the Kids Coding Club will run from 9:00am til 5:00pm.

While the class runs from 9am, guests can arrive anytime before hand to the coding space.

While teaching will end at 5pm, the class teachers or an LCA representative will wait until the last student has been collected.

BYO Laptop for Coding

For the class, Acquire and install Minecraft Java edition

  • The cost $35.00 to purchase this edition of the game.
  • This version runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux (of course). You will need to install the Java edition on a chromebook or laptop running one of the above operating systems.
  • iPads won’t run this version.
  • After installation, start the game to download the files. Set up a profile for 1.15 - that's the version of the server that we use. This will download the 1.15 game files to your machine.

More Information

Discover the joy and power of coding with Magikcraft - learning JavaScript in Minecraft. Magik is "a power that enables people to do impossible things by saying special words" - and that's what computer programming is.

Combining young people's engagement with the interactive and multi-player Minecraft environment and an innovative browser-based code editor, Magikcraft lets players experience immediate, dramatic effects from coding.

When your "Hello World" spell is killing a Zombie with a fireball, you know you're going to have fun!

This club will be a JavaScripting club run by Magikcraft. Be aware that because the class uses Minecraft, it may not be suitable for younger kids. ​ For any parents interested, please send a message to if you would like a place in the class. ​ ​

Additional Days Next Week

​ Currently, we have just a one day class.

Plans for different tutors or teachers running smaller classes on different days next week unfortunately fell through for various reasons:

  • schedule conflicts
  • budgeting
  • general energy levels
  • number of spoons
  • insurance

These obstacles happen, and we're grateful for all the groups and individuals who consulted with LCA on setting up a class.

​ Of course, it is not too late to organise a class. If anyone is interested in running a coding club for kids for a half day or full day, send a message to