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  • Rachel Bunder

    Rachel Bunder

    Rachel is a Data Scientist. She currently is at Solar Analytics where she tells people when their solar panels aren't working properly. Rachel generally has a few side projects going on including creating twitter bots, crocheting space shuttles and Napoleonic reenactment. She is also an organiser for Sydney Python and Sydney PyLadies and an enthusiastic member of Geek Girls Sydney.


Australia is rolling out smart energy meters to all homes. Instead of an analogue meter that needs to be physically checked each billing cycle, a smart meter monitors your energy in 15 minute intervals and sends this data to your energy network providers. Additionally, many people have smart home setups which often monitors your home energy usage in even more detail. Even many solar systems monitors your energy consumption. But how much can you actually tell from this data? What could this be data used for? Who even has this data? In this talk I will show what energy data is actually being collected about you, who has access to it and what can be inferred from it. I will also discuss the wider implications of having a “smart” home and “smart” energy grid. Linux Australia: YouTube: