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  • Thomas Schoebel-Theuer

    Thomas Schoebel-Theuer

    Thomas is an old-school Linux kernel hacker, contributor of the dentry cache. Currently, he is working on the long-distance asynchonous replication MARS, which is in use at 1&1 Ionos for some petabytes of data, spread over thousands of geo-redundant hypervisors.


MARS is an external kernel module, forming the backbone of 1&1 Ionos geo-redundancy over long distances, and is in production for years on thousands of servers for millions of hosting customers and petabytes of data. It is also in production for background migration of mass data (hardware liefecycle and load balancing). This talk explains its fundamental working principles, and differences to DRBD. MARS wants to go kernel upstream in the next few years. There will be much room for Q&A. Linux Australia: YouTube: