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  • Jon Manning

    Jon Manning

    Jon Manning is the co-founder of Secret Lab, an independent game development studio. He's written a whole bunch of books for O'Reilly Media about iOS development and game development, and has a doctorate about jerks on the internet. He's currently working on the BAFTA- and IGF Seumas McNally Grand Prize-winning adventure game Night in the Woods, which includes his interactive dialogue system Yarn Spinner.


How do you build an open source community of non-open-source developers? The Yarn Spinner narrative tool is an open source project for building choice-driven conversations and interactive dialogue. This means that its target audience is game developers, who aren't typically used to open source development practices. In this talk, we'll discuss how we bootstrapped the community around Yarn Spinner, and how to work with enthusiastic people who aren't used to free software licensing. Linux Australia: YouTube: