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The momentum behind the RISC-V ecosystem is commendable and its open nature has an important role in its growth. An unprecedented number of hardware designs were proposed by both academic researchers and industry professionals in a very short period that has taken the world by storm. However, the RISC-V software ecosystem also needs to grow even at a faster rate if RISC-V can be a truly competitive alternative to mainstream ISAs. The open source software ecosystem in RISC-V will eventually determine the success of the RISC-V platform. This talk will give an insight into the RISC-V software ecosystem evolution over the last few years and the current status of major software projects. It will also include future goals and some of the software projects that require more love from the community. We hope this talk will serve as a good starting guide for new/existing developers to start contributing to the RISC-V software ecosystem. A bigger developer community will facilitate RISC-V ecosystem growth even more and drive the ultimate success of the RISC-V revolution. Linux Australia: YouTube: