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  • Arjen Lentz

    Arjen Lentz

    Arjen has a C programming background from way back, since broadening to tech writing and training at MySQL, and running Open Query Pty Ltd. In programming space he has particular experience with low level communications and protocols. He has launched various initiatives including, and was a founding director of Open Source Industry Australia, Inc. In recent years Arjen has taken time to go back to his life-long passion for education, and improving students' school experience. Sometimes he dabbles in programming again. Since 2018, Arjen has fun doing many different things at Catalyst IT Australia.


Technology is useful, but it's a tool (a means to achieve goals), not a goal in itself. Our mis-use of tech is sabotaging many aspects of society, but education especially so. In this short talk, Arjen will plead a comprehensive case, presenting evidence on where the key culprits are. After hearing the evidence, what will be your judgement? Knowing and understanding what we're dealing with, may help us to help educators. Linux Australia: YouTube: