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  • Jussi Pakkanen

    Jussi Pakkanen

    Jussi Pakkanen is the creator and project lead of the Meson build system. He is currently working as a consultant. He has experience in many different fields of computing ranging from slot machines to mail sorting, computer security, Linux desktop development and gaming. His free time has been equally colorful, including things such as comics and illustration, directing movies, music and electronics. When not working on projects he might be found watching bad movies, especially sci-fi and the finest of trash from the 80s.


Font design is seen as a purely artistic and aesthetic pursuit. In this talk we shall examine some ways to do the same with mathematics. Things we can expect to be talked about include nib pens, Donald Knuth, railroad tracks (yes) and possibly even differential equations. Not advanced math knowledge is needed to participate, though. This talk is almost guaranteed to provide no answers, but hopefully it will intrigue the audience's minds so that they will start coming upwith their own questions. Linux Australia: YouTube: